Director of Marketing

I am the Director of Marketing, which has me doing a little bit of everything.  I assist with creating a client’s long term strategy, and help develop a sales funnel. My individual specialty is in social media, understanding which platforms are the best fit for each client and creating and implementing content that reaches a client’s target market online through social media.

At heart I am a writer who uses the power of words to tell your story, technology to share that story, and psychology to influence others to act upon that story.

You enjoy writing then?

I have always loved the ability of words and images to tell a story, inform, share emotions, and connect with others.

As a child, you never saw me without my head in a book. (At times, this caused my fair share of accidents, but then I learned not to read while walking up stairs.)

In time, I found that I had words within me that needed to be expressed. As a teen, I would write Letters to the Editor of the newspaper, plays, historical fiction, poetry . . . you get the idea. If an idea came into my head, I needed to give it life. I loved learning how people think, and how to use writing to connect with them and influence them.

When did you first become interested in digital marketing?

In the beginning, I enjoyed digital marketing as another means of writing; my role in the company focused primarily on content writing, and on social media management that was focused on telling the company’s story and presenting a message that was consistent with their brand.

With time, as I learned more about SEO, I became more interested in the strategy aspect of digital marketing, and my role shifted to include more long-term strategy and planning.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

The coffee station.

Just kidding! Hands down it’s the people.

It is amazing to be a part of such a dynamic, fun team. We enjoy working together and even hang out and socialize outside of work. My job also gives me an opportunity to connect with so many people in my local community and beyond.

It is very rewarding to help small business owners who are overwhelmed with the demands of their business, and unable to dedicate time to reaching their audience and growing their business through online marketing.  I take that stress off their plate.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending time with family and friends. Nathan and I have three crazy, beautiful, energetic kiddos, who keep us on our toes and require us to drink copious amounts of coffee. Whenever possible, I still love to read and do so whenever possible.

Nathan and I love to throw themed parties together too. This year it was a Masquerade Ball, complete with dancing, and lots of spontaneous singing!

Which project was most satisfying for you to work on?

For me personally, my favorite clients are the non-profits I work with to raise awareness of their mission and fundraising.  I have worked with a few different non-profits to fund raise through peer-to-peer campaigns and online auctions.

Professionally, I am the proudest of our work for, a Louisiana based store that specializes in fishing and hunting gear.  With just our starter level plan, Lake Charles Tackle is the first search-result for all their major, relevant search terms.  Since we launched their website last year, the business has doubled sales most months compared to previous years.

What is your favorite quote/fun fact about yourself?

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Theresa

Fun fact: growing up I was very active in 4H.  In high school, I won an Outstanding of the Day in Interior Design at the Ohio State Fair.

Katherine Scott

Katherine Scott is Elegant Peak's Director of Marketing with a specialty in Social Media Marketing.  Her mission is to use the power of words to tell your story, technology to share that story, and psychology to influence others to act upon that story.  When she isn't wrangling her three rambunctious kiddos, you can find her with coffee in hand and nose in a book.  She speaks fluent Geek.