Designing a better web page doesn’t have to be complicated.

While beautiful graphic design plays a significant role, an effective website combines the art of design with the science of psychology.

Let’s take a look at the basic elements on a homepage that help launch a website into the big leagues.

By taking a step back and examining websites with proven staying power as well as the design of websites that have launched new startup companies to success, we can gather data and analyze it to see if there are any common patterns that might reveal the recipe for a “perfect” homepage.

Here are some of the most noticeable patterns that were present in the majority of these successful websites[1].

Noticeable Patterns in Successful Websites

  • 100% include a slogan
  • 75% include a description near their slogan
  • 95% include a CTA above the fold
  • 50% include the word “Free” in their CTA
  • 65% list the features of their product
  • 85% include a header
  • 100% include a footer
  • 80% include some form of social proof (Clients List, Testimonials, Ratings testimonials, Badges, Logos, etc.),
  • 60% include a list of clients they have helped
  • 50% include testimonials
  • Finally, successful websites have a VALID Address and Phone Number!  

Now I don’t know about you, but I am a visual learner, so let’s take a look at the website of Elegant Peak client, Angelus Academy and identify these elements at work.

On the surface, this webpage is simple.  But if you look closer you see that this website is employing the features effective web design.

Right off the bat, above the fold, we have the contact information, a slogan, a description, the header, and a Call to Action.  This example includes every one of the patterns, except for saying free in the call to action.

When you scroll further down, there is a section that lists some of the features and advantages of choosing their school.


This section with the badge serves to act as a form of social proof by showing accreditation

This basic homepage is a great example of how to implement the major features of effective web design while creating a clean, simple, and attractive website that will impress your audience.  When designing a website you don’t need to beat your head up against a wall staring at a blank screen.  Start by analyzing what elements worked for other successful websites, and use that as the foundation to which you can add your breathtaking visuals and compelling copy.

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Nathan Scott

I designed and built my first website when I was 8. 20 years later, I founded Elegant Peak to bring people with small to mid-sized businesses the website and marketing help they needed. My goal: improve your business and your life.