Visual Design

What’s your background?

I grew up in New Zealand and Australia, surrounded by Kiwi birds and kangaroos. Sort off.

My earliest memories are drinking ginger beer at a French cafe in Wellington, NZ, and biking like ‘Mad Max’ with my brothers through the eucalyptus trees of a dusty, Perth neighborhood.

My dad was an international speaker for years. We traveled a lot, and I went to school in Fiji and France, visited Rio de Janeiro and braced the winds of Easter Island. I’m now settled in the USA.

Before graduating high school, I started working in the family business, and discovered that graphic design was a heckuva lot faster than painting.

I’ve worked with international event planners, helmed a position as Visual Arts Manager for several years at Seton Home Study School, worked on 1000+ projects with Enable, a web design and marketing startup, and today support Elegant Peak as visual designer.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I enjoy being creative, wherever I can. Usually it involves writing, or any kind of visual storytelling.

I have several side projects that I’m always nurturing, test projects to see if ideas will hold up. That brings plenty of extra practice to create amazing, epic stuff that gets other people psyched too.

Other than those, it’s binge researching, listening to podcasts, catching up on Netflix marathons, and cooking.

Why do you think clients should choose to work with Elegant Peak?

Nathan and Katherine, the founding couple, have a deep sense of the human connection, and putting people first. That’s a rare quality, and creates a lot of trust when it comes to marketing. It’s the key reason I enjoy working with them.

Dominic De Souza

Part storyteller, part marketer, and total designer, Dominic builds websites and creates branding. My focus is to help you look professional, so that you’re insiring your visitors to trust you and buy into you. When no one’s looking, I’m binge-reading non-fiction, podcasts, and Netflix. And coffee.